Light Boy Lighting System

Light Boy lighting system is an ideal lighting solution for improving your safety. We understand and prioritise the safety of worksite. As the world number one manufacturer of balloon lighting system, we are always striving to develop innovative products.


Balloon Lighting

The balloon light is optimal solution which can illuminate the entire worksite with glare-free light. Workers, drivers and pedestrians are never blinded by glare unlike conventional lighting towers.
  • Glare-Free Lighting

Light Boy series offer superior illumination fro construction crew along highways. Motorists are not subjected to the intense glare produced by conventional lighting towers.

  • 360 Degree Output

Conventional lighting towers concentrate light in a fixed direction. Light output from the balloon of Light Boy radiates a full 360 degrees without a blind spot.

  • Excellent Visibility

The balloon is highly visible even when a mast is fully extended. This reduces shadows in the work area.

Safety First

Light Boy lighting system is equipped with some safety features. We know the importance of safety. Our products are much more reliable and durable in rough work environments than any other competitors in the industry.

Air-Shock Absorb Mast
Air-Shock Absorb Mast prevents sudden descent. This system protects LED lamps.
Air-Shock Mast
LED Lamp Guard
Our LED lamp guard is made of polycarbonate with a level of durability the same as a riot shield.
LED Lamp Guard

Unique Features

Quick and Easy-Set Up

3 or 5 legs are deployed by operating one lever. Easy and very simple set-up and to store.

Legs are easily deployed
Integrated Balloon Cover

Balloon Cover is integrated to the balloon structure and can be stored on top. Unlike other products in the market, you will never worry about losing it.

balloon cover stored
Message Strip
Personalised message strips are easily applied using Velcro(R) fasteners. Message strips support job site, events, advertisement and more.
message strip
Case options

Canvas-Carry case and All-In-One cases are available to choose depending on applications.

case option